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Who Am I?

A passionate, award-winning author of Fantasy, Honey has turned her aim towards erotica. Blending everyday scenarios and crafting them into steamy, blood-boiling moments for every shade of audience. Whether you want something short and hot like a student-teacher hook up to the more paranormal flair where Sleep with Sasquatch has unexpected bonus, look forward to erotic short stories, novellas, and hopefully a Trilogy in the future. Honey's debut erotic short landed No. 3 in Urban Erotica and continues to satisfy readers time and time again. Be sure to leave her a review and let her know what you think!


Urban Legends Erotica

Falling in Love with Urban Legends

Jilted lovers will find themselves falling in love again, but there's something odd about their new fling. Whether its Happy For Now or a Happily Ever, find yourself falling for Urban Legends such as Sasquatch, Chupacabra, New Jersey Devil, Bloody Mary, Loch Ness and more.

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Wanton Woman in White

The 5th installment to the steamy urban legend shifter erotica novella series!

Reality television has never been so hauntingly sexy…

Remi Adama finds himself as a bachelor on the latest newlywed game. The catch? He’s only spoken to the bride-to-be on the phone, not even exchanging first names, and he’ll be meeting her for the first time face-to-face at the altar to tie the knot. On his way to the filming location, his GPS stops working when a thunderstorm blows in. Crossing a bridge, Remi nearly crashes into a woman in a wedding dress, and the night becomes an adventure far sexier than he had in mind.

Jenifer Rosalind spends every night haunting a certain intracoastal bridge in her wedding dress, earning her the name Woman in White. Sadly, Jenifer has been dead for centuries and never made it to the altar. When Remi grabs her up before the river sweeps her soul away, her curse is broken for at least one night. Seeing a chance to live a little, she aims to give away the flower her own husband-to-be never had the chance to take.

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Pulling Rapunzel's Hair

Rapunzel Ramone is a local punk-rock girl notorious for her bass playing skills.

Red calls her in for a favor as a cover band finds themselves in desperate need for a replacement. Always happy to have a good time, Rapunzel will find herself hot and heavy on stage and its not the cam lights overhead!

Jasper Holden has heard a lot from his pal Bob how epic of a player Rapunzel can be on and off stage. Happy to have her part of the band for the night, he can't stop himself for falling for her. Something about her attitude and sexual aura has him hot and bothered, desperate for relief on every break.

Urban Erotica Fairy Tales

Even in Modern Times we can be in a Fairy Tale of our own making...

Technology has increased the accessibility to find the perfect hook up. In these short story, one quick bangs, we see how fact that moment can turn into a modern version of the fairy tales we adore. Inspired by tales such as Beauty and the Beast, Goldie Locks and the Three Bears, Billy Goats Gruff, and more.

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“I never loved you any more than I do, right this second. And I’ll never love you any less than I do, right this second.”

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl

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